quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2007

Now that's a Switcher

First, hi everyone! I wan't to apologize for all this time I've been without posting anything here, the main reason for that is exactly what im going to talk about here today!

After several days of coding I've finished the first stable (more or less) release of my BlingSwitcher applet for awn. It's main idea is kind of the same of the normal switcher from gnome, but this would fit awn a little better.

The main reason for developing it was because the normal switcher/pager applet from gnome was too 'not eye-candy' for a such beautiful dock as avant window navigator so based a little on the desktop icon applet for kiba I've developed this switcher. So for those who likes screencast heres one:

The applet is already on awn-extra repository, for those who doesnt know here is how to fetch:

bzr co http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~awn-extras/awn-extras/trunk awn-extras

After that is just that ./autogen.sh make make install stuff..
Thaks you all.

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Toph disse...

Really great applet, thank you.

Please consider reaching out to the other developers to let them know the licensing details for BlingSwitcher so it can continued to be included with the applets pack. They are looking for you.

Details here:

Thanks again.

Simon disse...

I also like this switcher (it takes up a lot less space than ShinySwitcher) but it is a real pain that it is not in the repositories any more.

All you need to do is copy a GPL license or just public domain it and it will be put back into awn-extras.

PS Sorry I don't speak Spanish (except to order beer).

Ian Hebson disse...
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Ian Hebson disse...

Yes, please, Blingswitcher is my favourite AWN applet, I am so disapointed that it is not included now in the AWN applet packages!