quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

http://bit.ly/aLdC9o - Pra quem não entende pq o Dunga não leva o Neymar pra copa!!


http://bit.ly/aLdC9o - Pra quem não entende pq o Dunga não leva o Neymar pra copa!!

sábado, 24 de outubro de 2009

Gossip Girl s03e06 rmvb legendado

Título Original: Gossip Girl
Gênero: Drama, Romance, Comédia
Tempo de Duração: 42 Minutos
Ano de Lançamento: 2009
Qualidade: HDTV
Formato: RMVB
Áudio: Inglês
Legenda: Embutida
Qualidade de Audio: 10
Qualidade de Vídeo: 10
Tamanho: 161 MB

quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2007

The Scary New Apple Iphone 1.1.1 Firmiware

As seen on wirelessinfo.com after installing the new Iphone Firmware update can possibly brick unlocked iphones.

After downloading all two hundrend and something Megabytes and accepting the licence the iTunes come with an unkown error and will say that your iPhone could not be updated. but after rebooting and restoring from recovery mode your iPhone maybe can return an error like this:

So if you have an unlocked iPhone I recommend not updating untill a hack for this gets released.

You can read more about this Here.

Oww! Moan my Ip!

Today I`ve found this site called moanmyip.com. The site is one of that site you can go to see whats your Ip but more that just seeing, you can hear a girl moaning it.

It's not very useful but it's really funny! lol

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2007

Mandriva on Intel MID Videos

Some days ago, on the aKademy 2007, annual KDE graphical user interface conference, which is being held in Glasgow, Scotland, Mandriva showed off a prototype of a future Mandriva Linux release with compiz on an Intel MID UMPC prototype.

Today, Searching the web I've found some videos of this demonstration you can check them out here.

sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2007

Gimp New UI Brainstorming

Today, when I was bored at work I've found this really interesting blog. The blog is all about brainstorming a new UI for gimp (something I think is extremely necessary).

You can find there several types of mockups and brainstorms, from the excelent type of mockup that looks just like real to the untalented for art who draws just some squares to try to express his ideas. Thats what matters, expressing ideas.

I Think Gimp should redesing all his UI. Give some eye-candy and some revolutionary new UI functionalities to the app. The interface used now is completely non user-friendly, from the buttons that doesn't fit nice on the toolbar and to the one window for each toolbar to the complete disorganization of menus and that crappy multiple icons on the task bar.

I've chosen some nice mockups I've found there to show here the new ideas:

This mockup shows Gimp using a Blender like toolbox, I think this type of toolbox is very intuitive, and very space friendly. I didn't understood what he wanted to say with the image go beyond scrollbars. Anyone did?

I liked this one, because is something that would not change that much the used interface and would be very helpful. The space problem on Gimp today is very important, using toolbars over the image causes lot of space loss, and the portion of the image that can be seen is very small, making windows transparent would make the concentration on the image easier. The only problem about this is that I think It will be needed a composition manager running. So people without that would not take any advantages.

This one is my favorite as every one knows I'm a eye-candy lover. I really found wonderful the idea of that tabs on the top showing a thumbnail. and that window to help applying blur is really a wonderful idea. Would be wonderful to have a Image Editing app with such a nice interface. And as I said before the transparency helps not to lose the attention of the image you are editing.

People from Gimp-Brainstorm are really doing a wonderful job, now is just hope gimp developers really think and implement such a nice interface like those.

quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2007

The new 2.20 Gnome

Today GNOME has released version 2.20 of its desktop. The new release Include lot of new features and bug fixes, you can read more and see some screen shots about the new release here.

The features I most like are the search embedded on the file selector and the graph on the drive propriety. But I still think GNOME people should define a official search and indexer tool, or tracker or beagle.

I'm using the 2.20 version right now, and it feels very stable and fast, the new appearence preference is very nice too, configurations should really get organized like that.

So, Congratulation Gnome Staff for another wonderful release!

quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2007

Now that's a Switcher

First, hi everyone! I wan't to apologize for all this time I've been without posting anything here, the main reason for that is exactly what im going to talk about here today!

After several days of coding I've finished the first stable (more or less) release of my BlingSwitcher applet for awn. It's main idea is kind of the same of the normal switcher from gnome, but this would fit awn a little better.

The main reason for developing it was because the normal switcher/pager applet from gnome was too 'not eye-candy' for a such beautiful dock as avant window navigator so based a little on the desktop icon applet for kiba I've developed this switcher. So for those who likes screencast heres one:

The applet is already on awn-extra repository, for those who doesnt know here is how to fetch:

bzr co http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~awn-extras/awn-extras/trunk awn-extras

After that is just that ./autogen.sh make make install stuff..
Thaks you all.

terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2007

Playing with Cairo + Python

After started writing some applets for awn I've decided to learn more about python and cairo. Then, yesterday after playing with my friends Mac Book Pro I was trying to reproduce that effect that dashboard does with applets when you add one. Here is what it looked like:


It's kind of ugly and without hardware aceleration can get kind of slow too. As soon that the code get optimized a little bit I'll Post it here

Next Week to do: Learn About glitz!